Fancy Pigeon wearing a Small Gray Aviator Bird Flight Harness

Fancy Pigeon, Missouri, USA

I justHalloween 2014 6 - Spigot wanted to share my lovely fancy pigeon, Spigot, wearing his small gray Aviator flight harness. He flies on occasion but most of the time he really likes sitting on my shoulder. I tried putting him in a small tree for a photo op, but it turns out that he is actually somewhat terrified of trees, so I don’t push him. He wears his harness proudly after about a month of training, and he has more freedom than he ever did before (even if he only uses that freedom to sit on the back of my butterfly chair…

and soak up some sun while I read to him). He even got to go out for Halloween this year. These are some pictures from our escapades.   (I’ve also included a picture of him as a chick, because he’s just too adorable.)

Wishing good sales for the holidays.


Halloween 2014 - Spigot
Halloween 2014 – Spigot
Ready for Halloween
Ready for Halloween
Spigot Out in the Sun
Spigot Out in the Sun
Out for a Walk
Out for a Walk

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