Stephanie’s Story: A Harness for Miracle

India Blue Peacock
California, USA

When I got Miracle he was dehydrated and Indigo Peacock, India Blue Peacock, Aviator Bird Harnessdying. I took care of him.

Two years ago our peacock mom hatched some babies in a nest above one of the rooms in our barn. A few days later mom and the babies jumped to the floor and never went back to the nest. A few days after this we were inspecting the nest and found another baby that must have been too afraid to jump. You guessed it. This baby ended up in my room for some special attention.

The baby was dehydrated and dying. He refused to eat or drink on his own and looked deformed.  It took a few months but my personal attention worked and in a few weeks he was starting to get better. So now you know why I have a Miracle following me everywhere I go.

He lived in my room, sleeping on my bed, and would run after me throughout the house, everywhere, all day long. My lap was one of his favorite spots, he even tried to follow me into the pool when I was swimming.

Stephanie and Miracle2

Miracle thinks that I am his mom. He follows me, rides on my back and also likes to eat out of my hand. He is not a normal peacock, he loves to hear about horses and watches movies with me. Miracle is 2 years old now and still stays near me when out of his pen. He still rides on my back whenever I let him.

My mom says I am an animal person and since she is usually a nice mom she let me keep Miracle in my room for several months so he has really become a close friend. After finding peacock poop on the keyboard too many times she was not as nice and Miracle moved to an empty chicken coop outside. He was supposed to go into the large chicken coop far from the house but I still have to visit him at night every time he makes a noise or I worry about him, so she is nice to let me keep him next to the house. He has me trained because every time he makes a noise anytime of the day or night I come running to see him.

Someday we will be moving to a new home. There will be lots of rest stops along the drive and I am concerned he could get loose at one of the rest stops. The Aviator Harness will keep him safe.

I bought a XXL size for him but when I called you for more information you said I needed a larger special size. A few days later you sent the customs harness without charging extra.

I have watched your instructional video and knew that I could touch him all over so it was easy to get Miracle to wear it.

Thank you for The Aviator Harness. I sent some pictures of my friend Miracle.


California, USA

Following me everywhere
Following me everywhere.
Running after me outside
Running after me outside.
Watching TV, along with King Tut the cockatiel
Watching TV, along with King Tut, the cockatiel.
Stephanie and Miracle3
Wanting to swim with mommy.
Moving to the coop
Moving to the coop.
Stephanie peacock 1.jpg
Eating with the chicken

stephanie peacock 3.jpg

Reading a book
Reading a book.
Loving mommy
Loving mommy.
Miracle does not like dogs, so fights with them or perches on me until they are gone.
Miracle does not like dogs, so fights with them or perches on me until they are gone.
Stephanie and Miracle8
Miracles favorite meals are Clover and Earwigs.

Stephanie and Miracle9

Stephanie and Miracle10

I got a harness on Miracle!
I got a harness on Miracle!

Stephanie and Miracle12

Stephanie and Miracle13



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