The AVIATOR Training Harness

There are a limited number of The AVIATORBaby training harness (2) Training Harnesses available for this years crop of babies.

Aviator training harnesses are available to Breeders and Stores that are raising babies. They come without the leash so they can be worn in the nursery for several hours at a time starting when the babies’ feathers are open.

Harness training before fledging is very easy and not stressful for the baby. Several weeks before a baby parrot can fly they are learning to preen. When the Aviator Harness is worn at this stage of development they easily adapt to preening around the harness as if it were a part of their body.

A week or two before they are able to fly is the time to start letting them explore the sights and sounds of the outside. Always use an Aviator Harness with the leash when outside even if the baby is not able to fly. With the right wind situation a baby bird may fly a week earlier outside.

Babies that are exposed to the outside world at this Baby training harness 4‘optimal stage of development for navigation’ very quickly acclimate to the environment and are not easily frightened as they get older. This early training allows hand fed babies to act in a similar manner to wild babies. Wild babies normally only fly short distances when concerned for their safety, and if they stray too far from Mom they tend to fly in an elliptical pattern so they end up back where they started. This stage of brain development passes quickly and only last a few weeks. After this stage passes it is much more difficult for a young bird to learn how to safely navigate.

Aviator Training Harnesses are sold in batches of 5 for $30.00 USD. These harnesses are seconds that function perfectly but only have small blemishes that keep them from being sold retail.
Baby training harness x-small colar (1)




Baby training harness (3)





Baby training harness (1)


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