Blue and Gold Macaw – Free Flight Performer?

By Christina Hazelton, (Northeastern Reptile Welfare League)

Blue and Gold  Full Flight (1) .JPG

I have a lovely 18yr old blue and yellow macaw who I use for wildlife educational programs and public exhibits through our exotic animal rescue and education group. She performs flight demonstrations for audiences in my programs, but her recall has never been that great (a bit of lax training on my part) so I haven’t been able to trust her to free-fly in public exhibits that happen outdoors.

The aviator harness has been the perfect solution as it has offered me the peace-of-mind that I needed to ensure my bird would not end up lost, while still giving her the opportunity to move the way a bird should. She knows that when the harness goes on it means we’re going on an adventure and she loves it! She’s been using the aviator harness for 6 years now and still wears the first one I bought for her. Its durability has definitely held up to an active and agile macaw who (fortunately) doesn’t chew it.

I am hoping to have the same success with a newly adopted Amazon parrot.​

Blue and Gold  Full Flight (2).JPG

Thank you,

Christina Swaan
Founder, President
Northeastern Reptile Welfare League


1 thought on “Blue and Gold Macaw – Free Flight Performer?

  1. The Aviator harness is definitely durable…my goffins sometimes fusses with hers, but it hasn’t frayed yet…after 5 years of use. Definitely the best product available.


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