Birdie See, Birdie Do, Aviator Harness Training

By Kerrts le Cat (A.S. Murdock)

The Aviator Bird Harness is just like any other toy. You can quickly teach your Birdie to love to have it on with the right approach.

Today I got Falkner Cockatiel to actually start putting her head through this morning, even if only for a few seconds at a time. You can see Falkner willingly sticks her head back and forth through the Aviator strap to get to the other side where her treat is. Lol. Her cousin Bambi Cockatiel is learning by example as she waits her turn.

Over the next few days the loop will get tighter as they learn that the harness is a tool to get a reward.

Falkner is about 8mo old, Bambi is 6mo

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Raven flying high with her Aviator Harness

Hello Steve,

The Large Aviator Harness you recommended fits perfectly.

Crow 2
Juan’s Raven enjoying the outdoors

The material is also soft and light enough but extremely resistant to her bites despite her having that powerful beak. This has been only her second time and she’s an all grown up adult that has never gone through this experience.

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Aviator Harness for One-Winged Scarlet Macaw

By Maggie, California USA

Charlotte 1 wing Scarlet 1
The stroller has better grip options than an arm. Birds use their wings for balance so it is disabling when wings are clipped or missing.

Charlotte has come a long way, but still has a long way to go.  We took her in as a rescue last year, and at that point, she was so aggressive we had to use protective gear to even get close enough to feed her and clean her cage.  I actually found her on a craigslist ad.  I was searching for homemade bird toys and ran across the ad.

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Barbara Heidenreich Animal Training Workshops

Barbara Heidenreich is internationally known as the generic webinar banner-001.jpgpremier bird trainer. Although pet parrots take up most of her time, she is a major training source for numerous species of animals in Zoos, Conservation Projects, Parks and more.

Barbara is constantly on the move training and lecturing around the world. If you are not lucky enough to see her in person she makes herself available on a regular basis through her podcast.

Barbara Heidenreich

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